Ground magnetic study of Ilesa east, Southwestern Nigeria

  • JS Kayode
  • P Nyabese
  • AO Adelusi


Ground magnetic survey of eastern part of Ilesa town in Osun State, Southwest Nigeria was performed. Total field magnetic data was recorded using high resolution proton precision geometric magnetometer which implores total components of the ground magnetic anomaly data running through fifteen traverses. This research focused on delineation of faults in this part of the highly mineralized Ilesa schist belt. The field data was qualitatively and quantitatively interpreted and the results gave values for the total component measurements of ground magnetic anomaly that varied between a minimum negative peak value of about -330 gammas and a maximum positive peak value of about 80 gammas. Depth to the basement rock was estimated using Peters half slope method which gave a maximum depth to basement of about 160 m. Information on wide range of magnetic intensities over the different rock types in this area were obtained from the interpretations. The results generated were used to delineate rock boundaries, major and minor faults in this area.