Assessment of physicochemical qualities, heavy metal concentrations and bacterial pathogens in Shanomi Creek in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

  • EO Igbinosa
  • OO Uyi
  • EE Odjadjare
  • CU Ajuzie
  • PO Orhue
  • EM Adewole


The physicochemical and microbial qualities of Shanomi creeks in the Niger Delta of Nigeria were assessed between January and October 2011. The temperature across sampling stations ranged between 26 and 27.7‹C, while pH varied from 7.49 to 8.74. Turbidity ranged from 176.62-189.96 NTU and conductivity varied between 360.45 and 454.88 ƒÊS/cm. The concentrations of other physicochemical parameters were as follows: BOD (6.39-7.64 mg/L) COD (84.25-97.27 mg/L); ammonia (26.83-33.98 mg/L); nitrate (37.25-43.89 mg/L); nitrite (37.35-41.75 mg/L); and phosphate (28.83-37.85 mg/L). The relative dominance of metals in the water followed the sequence: Al > Zn > Cu > Fe > Mn > Cd > Pb > Hg > As. Feacal and total coliform densities ranged from 1.05 ~ 102 to 4.25 ~ 103 (cfu/mL) and 1.56 ~ 102 to 6.40 ~ 104 (cfu/mL) respectively. The study reveals that the water under study was heavily polluted and of serious threat to the aquatic biota and public health.

Key words: Aquatic biota, contamination, pollution, public health, microbial indicators, toxic effects.


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eISSN: 1996-0786
print ISSN: 1996-0786