Consumers’ preference and associated pathology observed in cattle and goat offals in Kumasi, Ghana

  • Felix Ayroe
  • B.O. Emikpe
  • E Asiamah
  • K.O. Dankwa


Background: The global population demands high quality meat and the preference for offal continue to be on the increase. This investigation evaluates consumers’ preference and associated pathological conditions observed in cattle and goat offal in Kumasi, Ghana.

Materials and Methods: Cross sectional survey and structured questionnaires involving 200 adult respondents were adopted. 105 samples of cattle and goat offal from selected retailers or vendors were also evaluated for associated pathological conditions.

Results: From the questionnaire, results showed that on the average, one (1) pound of offal was consumed by a household of seven (7) per meal twice a week. The most preferred offal was the fore-stomach (52.70%) followed by the liver (38.10%). However, 75% and 50% of the liver sampled had one or more lesions in the goat and cattle respectively with presence of abscesses, metazoan parasites and granuloma. Factors like availability, affordability, nutritional value, taste, customs and level of education influenced the consumer’s preference for edible offal.

Conclusion: Presence of metazoan parasites, granuloma and microabbscesses further undermine the quality of the offal supply in Ghana and it calls for further investigation into causal agents of these pathological conditions; hence, strict inspection and assessment should be enforced and maintained for continual provision of edible and wholesome offal.

Keywords: Offal, Preference, Lesions, Ruminants, Ghana


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2006-0165