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Review of Research on Information Behaviour in Contexts of Palliative Care with an Indication of Some Research Gaps

I Fourie


An increase in the number of people diagnosed with life-threatening diseases and affected by palliative care, as well as an increase in studies on information behaviour including information seeking, can be noted. With this in mind, the paper briefly reviews reports on research on information behaviour in palliative care in terms of: target groups and participants, settings, research methods and methods of data collection, components of information behaviour, and the factors influencing information behaviour. For each, some research gaps are noted. A few key findings on information behaviour in palliative care are highlighted. The intention is not to offer a comprehensive review; it is merely an overview to stimulate research in information behaviour in palliative care and to offer a point of reference. There are numerous research opportunities preferred.

Keywords: Information behaviour; palliative care; research; scholarly communication; information seeking; palliative care information needs