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Factors Influencing Electronic Information Sources Utilised by Pharmacy Lecturers in Universities in South-South, Nigeria

L Obasuyi
S F Usifoh


This study is a comprehensive investigation of key factors influencing the utilisation of electronic information sources (EIS) by pharmacy lecturers in both government and private universities in South-South Nigeria. This study aims at identifying the significant factors that influence the usage of EIS in order to provide remedies to increase their utilisation. Survey research method was adopted using questionnaire as an instrument for data collection from the population by simple random sampling. Results indicate that awareness level of EIS among the lecturers was moderate and usage was high. There is no significant difference in the level of awareness of EIS across the five universities. There is no significant influence of academic and gender status of respondents on the usage of EIS. Awareness of EIS, computer and Internet literacy skills and competence of pharmacy lecturers in using EIS were found to be key factors that significantly influence the utilisation of EIS.