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Use of Electronic Databases by Law Students at the University of Botswana Library

B Toteng
R Hoskins
F Bell


This paper is based on a Masters study carried out at the University of KwaZulu Natal which investigated the use of electronic databases by undergraduate law students at the University of Botswana Library. The study aimed to establish whether law students used the electronic databases, which databases they used and the frequency of such use, to identify problems students encountered when using the databases and how the students became aware of the databases. The study population consisted of 362 undergraduate law students. Data was collected by means of a questionnaire and an interview schedule was used to obtain background information from the two law librarians. The study results showed that the undergraduate law students did use most of the electronic databases that the library subscribed to. The databases that the students used most were: OPAC, Juta Publications and EBSCOHost. A number of problems that the students experienced when using the databases were identified.