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Applications of Digital Libraries and Electronic Technologies in Uganda

Elisam Magara


The paper analyses the corroborative applications offered by different organisations in Uganda and describes prospects for the use of digital libraries in Uganda. A qualitative approach design with a purposive sampling strategy was adopted. The study was limited to practical experiences on the services and applications. The results indicated that a majority of organisations apply information and communications technologies (ICT) in bridging access across networks and sharing of information between different organisations. It was observed that the current information and communications technology systems in Uganda do not reach majority of users. It was concluded that education and knowledge on the use and adaptation of digital libraries and electronic technologies will contribute effectively to collaborative applications in Uganda. It recommends services that need to be integrated into the organisations strategic objectives.

(African Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science: 2002 12 (2): 145-154)

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eISSN: 0795-4778