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Internet Access and Usage by Students of the University of Botswana

Ayoku A. Ojedokun


This study focused on Internet access and usage by students of the University of Botswana. It investigated the adequacy of provision of access to, and the usage (in terms of use and misuse) of the Internet by the students, as well as the problems the students faced in its use. The study revealed that computers with Internet facilities at the time of this study were inadequate hence many of the students did not have access. It revealed that although quite a number of the students were aware of the immense benefits of its use to academic studies, they lacked the necessary searching skills to make effective use of the Internet for this purpose. It also revealed that because of the lack of effective searching skills, those who had access used it essentially to search and retrieve information on entertainment, sports, and news from around the world. The study noted that the University has greatly influenced the students' use of the Internet to access information.

(African Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science: 2002 11 (2): 97-108)

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