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Unique co-occurrence of two genera of cymothoid ectoparasitic isopods on the same individual fish host

RL Welicky
NJ Smit


Parasitism of a host fish by a single species of cymothoid is regularly reported. For the first time on a temperatefish host and in South African waters, we  observed two species of cymothoids, the flesh-infesting Anilocra capensis and the tongue-infesting Ceratothoa africanae, simultaneously infesting the same individual hottentot seabream Pachymetopon blochii. Each P. blochii harboured an ovigerous and non-ovigerous A. capensis and an ovigerous and non-ovigerous C. africanae. Cymothoid co-occurrence is rarely reported, and this is the first report of two cymothoid species infesting a single fish host from Africa. Globally, it is the first record of flesh- and tongueinfesting cymothoids parasitising the same individual fish.

Keywords: Anilocra, Ceratothoa, Cymothoidae, marine fish, parasite, South Africa, southeastern Atlantic Ocean

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eISSN: 1814-2338
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