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Assessment of the charter-boat fishery in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

P Pradervand, R van der Elst


The South African KwaZulu-Natal charter-boat fishery was assessed by means of a socio-economic questionnaire survey and catch inspections during the period August 2003–November 2004. In all, 38 charter operators were interviewed and 135 catch inspections undertaken. Of a total of 79 species recorded caught, Chrysoblephus puniceus (34%), Lethrinus nebulosus (16%), Cheimerius nufar (14%) and Chrysoblephus anglicus (11%) dominated the catch numerically. Surveyed average catch rates for the charter fishery (0.91 fish angler–1 h–1 and 1.43 kg angler–1 h–1) in the KwaZulu-Natal province were almost three times higher than the recreational boatbased fishery, but less than the commercial linefishery in that region. Participation and total annual effort of the charter fishery was calculated to be 96 participating boats, undertaking 6 800 outings y–1. Total annual catch in the fishery was estimated to be 281–296 t, approximately 15–17% of the province's total linefishing catch. Charter fishing was not a viable option as a sole source of income. Income levels per operator were low at
Keywords: catch composition; catch rate; charter fishery; fisher demographics; fisheries management; linefishing

African Journal of Marine Science 2008, 30(1): 101–112
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