A preliminary study of age and growth of the smoothhound shark mustelus mustelus (triakidae)

  • AJJ Goosen
  • MJ Smale


Age and growth of the smoothhound shark Mustelus mustelus was investigated from banding patterns in sectioned vertebral centra of 136 specimens, using a modified Alizarin red S technique to stain bands on the
centra. Fabensf method (Lt = L‡ . (L‡ . L0)e.Kt) was statistically more robust than the Von Bertalanffy method, and provided growth models of Lt = 2 041.8 . (2 041.8 . 390)e.0.06t for females and Lt = 1 530.1 .(1 530.1 . 390)e.0.1t for males. The Von Bertalanffy growth model was, however, used because of insignificant differences between the two methods. Parameters obtained were: Lt = 2 049.6 (1.e.0.06(t+3.55)) for females and Lt = 1 451 (1e.0.12(t+2.14)) for males. The predicted age at maturity was 6 .9 years for males and 12 .15 years for females. The oldest female in the samplewas estimated to be 24 years and measured 1 640 mm total length (TL); the oldest male was estimated to be 17 years and measured 1 280 mm TL. Results are considered preliminary, because the assumptions with regard to timing of bands formation could not be validated.

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eISSN: 1814-2338
print ISSN: 1814-232X