African Journal of Marine Science

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A biophysical model applied to the Benguela upwelling system

MD Skogen


A three-dimensional biophysical model for the Benguela upwelling system is described. The model (NORWECOM) has been used in previous works to study model circulation, primary production and dispersion of particles (fish
larvae and pollution) in the North Sea. The primary task of this work has been to validate its implementation in the Benguela upwelling system by reproducing several of the main characteristics in the area. The results show
a well-developed Agulhas Current, the Agulhas retroflection and Agulhas rings. The model is also able to identify main upwelling cells in their correct location, the Angola-Benguela front and a longshore thermal front outside
the upwelling area. The Benguela Current and a poleward undercurrent, following the shelf-break, is also shown.

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