Pituitary aspergillosis abscess in an immunocompetent black woman. A case report

  • D N'dri Oka
  • A Tokpa
  • L Derou
  • R Kouitcheu
Keywords: Pituitary Aspergillosis, Pituitary Adenoma, Aspergillosis Abscess


Objective and Importance Aspergillus is a very resistant ubiquitous fungus, but its location in the pituitary fossa is exceptional. Generally, it is the result of a paranasal sinus infection initiated by inhaling fungal spores in suspension in the air. This article aims to describe a case of pituitary abscess from aspergillosis and discusses its diagnostic problems.
Clinical Presentation An immunocompetent 26-year-old female patient showed up with amenorrhea-galactorrhea syndrome with infertility for several years. The CT Findings and hormonal studies strongly suggested pituitary adenoma or pituitary aspergillosis.
Treatment The pituitary lesion was excised by a transsphenoidal approach. The diagnosis of aspergillus was confirmed by histopathology. The postoperative course was good with the administration of antifungal chemotherapy.
Conclusion Pituitary Aspergellosis is not only rare, but also bears clinical, biological and radiological resemblance to pituitary adenoma; it should therefore be regarded as a differential diagnosis of pituitary tumours.

Key words: Pituitary Aspergillosis, Pituitary Adenoma, Aspergillosis Abscess


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eISSN: 1015-8618
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