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Epilepsy resulting from a brain intraparenchymal neuroglial cyst: a case report

Oumar Coulibaly, Kisito Quenum, Nizar El Fatemi, Rachid Gana, Moulay Rachid Maaqili, Mohammed Jiddane, Fouad Bellakhdar


Introduction: Brain neuroglial cyst also called glioependymal cyst is a rare benign intraparenchymal lesion without an epithelial lining.

Objective: To report on a case of neuroglial cyst and discuss the diagnosis and management.

Method: A patient is studied with respect to history, physical findings, ancilliary tests and management outcome.

Results: A 22 year old female with a 14 year history of worsening drug-resistant epilepsy was found on a head CT scan and brain MRI to have a homogenous cystic frontal paraventricular mass. Following complete surgical excision, (with histopathology confirming a neuroglial cyst) she has been seizure free for five years while off anti-epileptic drugs.

Conclusion: The surgical excision of the neuroglial cyst resulted in the cessation of the patient’s seizures

Keywords: brain, neuroglial cyst, intraparenchymal cyst, epilepsy

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