Prognosis among patients admitted for stroke in Sourô Sanou university teaching hospital of Bobo-Dioulasso; Burkina Faso.

  • Pingdéwendé Victor Ouedraogo
  • Abdoul Aziz Savadogo
  • Mohamed Ouattara
  • Athanase Millogo
Keywords: Bobo-Dioulasso; Burkina Faso; prognosis; stroke.


Stroke is a real medical emergency and a serious public health issue around the world.
Our objective was to analyze factors related to the vital and functional prognosis of patients hospitalized for stroke in Sourô SANOU teaching hospital of Bobo-Dioulasso.
it was a prospective cohort study from January to October 2016. The study included all patients at least 15 years of age admitted to medical emergencies or hospitalized in the neurology department for stroke documented by a brain CT scan during the study period.
We recruited 208 patients with a sex ratio of 1.39. The average age was 59.51. Chronic high blood pressure (64.29 %) was the most frequent cerebro-vascular risk factors in past medical history. The average time of consultation was 41.19 hours and the motor deficit represented 47.11% of the reasons for admission. Disorders of consciousness were noted in 37.99% and coma represented 9.13% of admission cases. NIHSS score was greater than 17 in 58 patients. Ischemic stroke represents 64.42% whereas hemorrhagic stroke represents 35.58%. The mean duration of hospitalization was 14.6 days. Sequelae involved 72.15% of the cases and we recorded 24.04% of deaths. Motor rehabilitation began on average after 7 days and 29.67% are benefited. The factors associated with the prognosis were the NIHSS score greater than 17 (p=0.006; OR= 4.7; IC95%:1.6-14) for the vital prognosis; physiotherapy in hospitalization (p=0.036; OR= 0.1; IC95%: 0-0.9) and urban residence (p=0.016; OR= 2.8; IC95%:1.2-6.5) for the functional prognosis. However, age, sex, type of stroke, disorders of
consciousness and delay of consultation had no statistically significant link with the prognosis.
Post-stroke neurological sequelae and intra-hospital mortality of stroke in Bobo Dioulasso remain high.


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eISSN: 1015-8618
print ISSN: 1992-2647