Trans-sinusal frontal approach for olfactory groove meningiomas

  • M Bouaziz AJOL
  • A Mansour
  • S Feknous
  • S Alim
  • N Smati
  • K Haouam
  • N Latati
  • H Latati
Keywords: Anterior skull base, Meningioma, olfactory groove meningioma, Technique, Trans-sinusal frontal approach


Background We report on our experience with the trans-sinusal frontal approach in removing olfactory groove meningiomas in the department of neurosurgery of Univesity Hospital Center of Annaba (Algeria).
Methods Ten tumours were operated on by the trans-sinusal frontal approach, using a bicoronal incision, tree tumours developed on one side, and there were seven bilateral olfactosellar tumours. Our procedure : steotomy of the anterior wall of the frontal sinus was performed with an oscillating saw. The posterior wall of the sinus was resected and the tumour was removed through a real subfrontal route along the plane of the anterior skull base. Ethmoidal blood supply was early controlled at the initial stages of the operation, allowing avascular tumour debulking. Tumour extensions toward the sella and the optic canals were removed without brain retraction. Results Seven patients made a good neurologic recovery. Two was dead in the 24 hours after intervention and one four days after. Olfactory nets were preserved on the contralateral side in unilateral tumours. Conclusions The trans-sinusal frontal approach represents an excellent way for tumours developed in the central anterior skull base, especially for olfactory groove meningiomas, whatever their size.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1015-8618
print ISSN: 1992-2647