African Journal of Neurological Sciences

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Suspecting Neurological Dysfunction From E Mail Messages
Suspiscion d\'une Affection Neurologique via un Message Email (English)

K Ganapathy


A non medical person suspected and confirmed neurological dysfunction in an individual, based only on e mail messages sent by the individual. With email communication becoming rampant “peculiar” email messages may raise the suspicion of neurological dysfunction. Organic pathology explaining the abnormal email messages was demonstrated – possibly due to an atypical hypertensive bleed or bleed from a self-destructing cryptic vascular malformation.


Le diagnostic d\'un dysfonctionnement neurologique a été suspecté lors d\'un échange d\'e-mails entre parents. Il s\'agissait d\'un hématome intracérébral secondaire à une HTA ou à la rupture d\'une malformation vasculaire cryptique.

(Af. J. of Neurological Sciences: 2003 22(1))
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