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Epidemiological, clinical and developmental aspects of chronic kidney disease stages 3-5 (CRF) in children in a pediatric hospital in Senegal

Younoussa Kéita, A Sylla, C Moreira, A Seck, MG Sall, N Seck


Introduction: Our objective in this study was to describe both the epidemiological and clinical aspects and the difficulties of management of childhood CKD stages 3-5 in Senegal in order to express recommendations.
Materials and Methods: This was a retrospective study from January 2005 to December 2013 in the pediatric ward of HALD. We included patients under 15years who have been showing for more than three months a glomerular filtration rate (GFR ) of less than 2 60ml/min/1.73 m calculated with the Schwartz formula.
Results: We included in our study 53 cases during the study period, showing a p r e v a l e n c e o f 0 . 6 2 % o f hospitalisation. The average age of our patients was 10.6 years. Clinically, edema of renal type was present in 69.8 % of patients , proteinuria in 88.7 % of cases and arterial hypertension in 75.5 % of patients. Biologically , anemia was present in 100% of our patents. Classification of CKD showed that 71.7 % of cases were diagnosed at stage 5 of chronic kidney disease. The most common causal lesion we found consist ed of a cquir ed chronic glomerulopathy (52.8 %). Overall survival in children under hemodialysis for a period of 12 months was 34.3 %.
Conclusion : The prevalence of CKD in children in our study was 0.62 %.. Managing such cases is a daily challenge for pediatricians and nephrologists. Hence the interest of building a pediatric nephrology unit.

Keywords: Chronic kidney disease (chronic renal failure), Children, Glomerulopathy,Haemodialysis, Sénégal

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