Short Term Outcomes in Neonates with Acute Kidney Injury on Peritoneal Dialysis in Renal Unit at National Referral Hospital in Low Income Country

  • Yvan Niyondavyi
  • Bashir Admani
  • Dalton Wamalwa
Keywords: Acute kidney Injury, Peritoneal dialysis, outcomes, length of stay, mortality, complications, Kenya, Africa


Background: Acute Kidney Injury is commonly seen in neonates and is associated with mortality. Peritoneal dialysis is the preferred modality of renal replacement therapy for neonatal acute kidney injury. This study sought to determine short-term outcomes of neonates on peritoneal dialysis and factors associated.

Method: This was a retrospective study on neonates who underwent peritoneal dialysis for AKI in the pediatric renal unit at Kenyatta National Hospital between January 2016 and December 2017. The outcome was determined within 14 days of admission in the pediatric renal unit.

Results: A total of 92 records were reviewed, included in the study and analyzed. The mortality rate was found to be at 9.8% (n=9). Complications were found in 33.7% (n= 31) of the patients and the most common was catheter leakage in 25 patients (80.6%).

The mean time spent on PD in patients who died was three days and five days in those who survived. Neonates who died were older (16 days) at the start of PD compared to those who survived (11 days).

Conclusion: The mortality rate in neonates was low at 9.8% with a median of 5 days on PD. The complication rate was acceptable at 33.7% with the commonest being catheter leakage (80.6%).


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2354-4325