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Child abdominal tumour in tropical context: Think about schistosomiasis!

AM Napon, E Bandré, Z Nikiéma, O Diallo, I Ouédraogo, S Douamba Kaboret, LCL Sorgho, A Alfidja, L Boyer


Schistosomiasis presenting as an abdominal mass with chronic pain in a  child is not common. This report presents case of child presenting with  schistosomiasis presenting as an abdominal mass with chronic pain. Abdominal ultrasonography did not particularly contribute to definitive  pre-operative diagnosis. However, pathological examination of surgical  specimen confirmed Schistosoma mansoni eggs in the biospy. A decrease  in  the mass volume was noticed under medical treatment (Biltricide). The aim of this report was to intimate clinicians on possible abdominal schistosomiasis as
differential diagnosis of childhood abdominal mass. This is a clarion call for a high index of suspicion of childhood abdominal schistosomiasis in children  presenting with abdominal mass in a tropical setting.


Key words: Abdominal mass, abdominal schistosomiasis, child
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