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Bilateral Iliac Aneurysms in a Child

R Kale
K M Rai
S Singh
R Handa
M M Harjai


Idiopathic arterial aneurysms in childhood are rare and represent a distinct clinical entity. Clinical presentation is by mass effect, ischaemia, growth discrepancy or rupture. Management is complex, and involves exclusion from circulation and placement of vascular grafts. We describe a five-year female child who had bilateral iliac aneurysm with rupture on left side, presenting with sudden tender lump in the abdomen. The child was successfully managed by an Aorto-bilateral external iliac bypass graft. The pelvic
circulation was preserved by anastomosis of right external and internal iliac arteries

Keywords: Aneurysm, Child, Rupture, Bypass graft

> African Journal of Paediatric Surgery Vol. 3 (2) 2006: pp. 72-74