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Giant primary omental cyst mimicking a pseudoascites

SM Shafi
MA Malla
FA Reshi


Primary omental cysts are rare intra-abdominal pathology, which are diffi cult to diagnose preoperatively; as such a high index of suspicion is required for accurate
preoperative diagnosis. We present a case of primary omental cyst in an eight-year-old girl who presented with huge abdominal distension mimicking ascites. She was operated and cyst was extirpated completely. Histological examination revealed an omental cyst with endothelial lining and haemorrhagic fluid inside. Patient was followed up for a period of one year and had no post operative complication or recurrence of the disease. This case is
reported to emphasise the inclusion of huge omental cyst in the differential diagnosis of ascites especially in the paediatric age group. Keywords:Omental cyst, Omentum, pseudoascites

African Journal of Paediatric Surgery Vol. 6 (1) 2009: pp. 58-60