Delusional disorder-somatic type (or body dysmorphic disorder) and schizophrenia: a case report

  • BA Issa
Keywords: Delusional disorder, Somatic, Body dysmorphic disorder, Schizophrenia


With regard to delusional disorder-somatic subtype there may be a relationship with body dysmorphic disorder. There are reports that some delusional disorders can evolve to become schizophrenia. Similarly, the treatment of such disorders with antipsychotics has been documented. This report describes a case of delusional disorder - somatic type - preceding a psychotic episode and its successful treatment with an antipsychotic drug, thus contributing to what has been documented on the subject.

Key words: Delusional disorder; Somatic; Body dysmorphic disorder; Schizophrenia


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eISSN: 1994-8220