African Journal of Range and Forage Science

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Does Holistic Planned Grazing™ work on native rangelands?

Heidi-Jayne Hawkins, Alan Short, Kevin P Kirkman


The balance of papers in this Special Issue show that how Holistic Planned Grazing™ is managed and where it is used impacts the efficacy of the approach. While we will do well to develop more mechanistic models that can identify these thresholds and test them in real-life situations, it is certain that broad generalisations will not do. We can neither dismiss Holistic Planned Grazing out of hand nor claim that it will work anywhere. Both land-users and scientists should consider the evidence at hand along with their management goals (production, conservation or restoration) before deciding what livestock management approach is appropriate.

Keywords: management (natural resources), modelling, Savory, thresholds
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