Calculating stocking rates for game ranches: substitution ratios for use in the Mopani Veld

  • B Dekker Mara Agricultural Development Centre, Northern Province Department of Agriculture, Private Bag X2467, Louis Trichardt, 0920 South Africa
Keywords: animal units, botany, carrying capacity, ecological separation, game, game ranch, herbivores, indices of overlap, large herbivores, Messina Experimental Farm, Mopani Veld, multi-species grazing, South Africa, stocking rates


Reports on a study conducted to quantify the overlap in ungulate resource-use on a game ranch, and to demonstrate how these indices of overlap can be incorporated into substitution ratios for calculating stocking rates. Illustrates with tables.

Keywords:Aepyceros melampus; Animal units; Blue wildebeest; Burchell's zebra; Carrying capacity; Connochaetes taurinus; Ecological separation; Eland; Equus burchelli; Gemsbok; Giraffa camelopardalis; Giraffe; Impala; Kudu; Large herbivores; Large stock units; LSUs; Mopani Veld; Multi-species grazing; Oryx gazella; Overlap indices; Phacochoerus aethiopicus; Stocking rates; Substitution ratios; Taurotragus oryx; Tragelaphus strepsiceros; Warthog; botany; south africa; messina experimental farm; game; game ranch; indices of overlap; herbivores

African Journal of Range & Forage Science, Vol. 14, Iss 2, p.62-67

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eISSN: 1727-9380
print ISSN: 1022-0119