Research note:

A preliminary study of the root distribution of Commiphora pyracanthoides Engl. (BURSEACEAE) in the Sweet Bushveld of the Northern Province, South Africa

  • JJ Jordaan
  • JS Swart
  • S Venter
Keywords: <i>arboricides</i>, <i>burseraceae</i>, bush encroachment, canopy diameter, chemical control, <i>commiphora pyracanthoides</i>, control, development, distribution, mara agricultural development centre, northern province, plant height, relationships, south


The root distribution of , but subjectively estimated, secondary roots extended horizontal at an averagCommiphora pyracanthoides Engl., a potential encroaching woody species in the sweet bushveld areas of the Northern Province, South Africa was studied at the Mara Agricultural Development Centre. The root system of ten C. pyracanthoides shrubs consisted of a taproot system supported by a well developed fleshy secondary root system. Minimum branching of secondary roots occurred, resulting in the absence of tertiary and feeder roots. Weak relationships existed between root distribution, plant height and canopy diametere depth of 15–20cm to a distance of more or less 1–1.5 times the canopy diameter and 1.5–2 times tree height. It is proposed that the correct placement of soil-applied arboricides and/or absorption mechanisms may be critical for effective chemical control of C. pyracanthoides.

Keywords: arboricides; burseraceae; bush encroachment; canopy diameter; chemical control; commiphora pyracanthoides; control; development; distribution; mara agricultural development centre; northern province; plant height; relationships; south africa; tree height

African Journal of Range & Forage Science, Vol. 15(1&2), pp. 61–63

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eISSN: 1727-9380
print ISSN: 1022-0119