A national range inventory for the Kingdom of Lesotho.

  • NL Martin
Keywords: classification, Colour aerial photography, Ecological sites, ecology, inventory, lesotho, management, management plan, mapping, National range inventories, photo interpretation, photography, plant communities, Plant community relationships, range, range m


With the need for an understanding of the nation's rangelands, the Division of Range Management of the Kingdom of Lesotho has undertaken a national range inventory. This resource study has utilised as aids in this task, the up-to-date techniques of satellite remote sensing and the interpretation of new colour aerial photography. Data were collected to provided a basic understanding of plant community relationships and from this information a classification system of ecological sites was developed. The actual inventory involved the mapping of the ecological sites on 1:20 000 scale aerial photography, while collecting data for further refinement of the site descriptions. The first area to be mapped has had a management plan prepared for it and implementation of that plan has started.

Keywords: classification; Colour aerial photography; Ecological sites; ecology; inventory; lesotho; management; management plan; mapping; National range inventories; photo interpretation; photography; plant communities; Plant community relationships; range; range management; rangeland; rangelands; remote sensing; satellite remote sensing; Satellites; technique

Journal of the Grassland Society of Southern Africa.

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