Proposed computerized cross-index system for storage and retrieval of literature references.

  • Smith A.
  • Jones R.I.


Card index systems are normally not very efficient when used for cross-indexing purposes and information retrieval, useful information frequently being lost because of poor indexing and little or no cross-referencing. Large card index systems are often compiled by research workers but these potentially useful stores of information are normally lost, or are not available, to other research workers in the same field. Size can also become a limiting factor to the efficient use of a card index system. A central storage system for every research field or related fields could make all the information contained in card index systems available to every research worker. This could only be achieved by using a computer. A cross-indexed information storage and retrieval programme is being developed for use in the Natal Region. A proposed specific and non-specific classification system for the indexing of references in pasture research is presented.

Keywords: classification; computer programme; index; information retrieval; information technology; limiting factor; natal; pasture; pasture research; research; south africa


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eISSN: 1727-9380
print ISSN: 1022-0119