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Conservative management of huge symptomatic endocervical polyp in pregnancy: a case report

Sameer Hamadeh, Bishr Addas, Nasreen Hamadeh, Jessica Rahman


Cervical polyp is very rare in pregnancy, usually asymptomatic and small. There are several reports of different sizes of cervical polyp in pregnancy but, huge cervical polyp causing funnelling and shortening of cervical length was first reported in 2014. It was managed by polypectomy causing cervical length to return to normal value. We present the second case report in literature of a huge endocervical polyp in pregnancy that caused funnelling and shortening of cervical length. Unlike the earlier report this patient presented with preterm contractions and antepartum haemorrhage (APH). She was managed conservatively by polypectomy at 38 weeks of gestation without complications. This is the first case report in the literature of a huge symptomatic endocervical polyp in pregnancy presenting with preterm contractions and APH that was conservatively managed. The role of such management has been emphasized.

Keywords: Endocervical polyp, Cervical funnelling, Polypectomy, Conservative management

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