Quarter of a Century of Female Sterilization in Jos, Central Nigeria

  • JT Mutihir
  • DD Nyango
Keywords: Female sterilization, Jos, Quarter century, Nigeria


The study was to assess the types and trend of female sterilization between January 1985 and December 2009 (25 years) in Jos, Central Nigeria. There were 25,313 new acceptors of modern contraceptive methods out of which 4,951 (19.6%) were female sterilizations. Minilaparotomy was the commonest method of female sterilization. Local anaesthesia was the commonest anaesthetic utilized. The women were mostly women of relatively older age, grandmultiparous and with large family size. The women were of mean of 38.4 years, and 60% had more than 5 children at the time of sterilization. Interval sterilization constituted 78.5% of the female sterilizations. The acceptance of female sterilization, however, has declined over the years, as acceptance of the long acting contraceptive implants increases. Female sterilization by minilaparotomy under local anaesthesia was found to be feasible, cost effective and acceptable by majority of clients, and  recommended for integration into minor gynaecological procedures in our
institutions (Afr J Reprod Health 2011; 15[1]: 101-106).

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eISSN: 1118-4841