Men’s Knowledge and Spousal Communication about Modern Family Planning Methods in Ethiopia

  • B Adugnaw
  • B Sibhatu
  • A Alemayehu
  • M Sudhakar
  • B Alemayehu
  • D Kebede
Keywords: Knowledge, Spousal communication, Family Planning, Ethiopia


This study attempted to determine knowledge, approval and communication about family planning methods among married men in Ethiopia. A cross-sectional study was conducted among a representative sample of 738 married males in Amhara Region. All 738 (100%) of the respondents had heard of family planning. About 558 (75.6%) mentioned the importance of using contraceptives for birth spacing and 457 (61.9%) to limit birth. Four hundred and forty-five (60.3%) of participants had ever discussed family planning with their wives. Thirty-three (33.0%) of the respondents reported that they were the sole decision makers in their families. About 597 (80.9%) approved the use of contraceptives. However, some participants did not discuss and approve family planning with their partner. This recalled an intensive effort has been taken by the concerned body to reach the country’s targeted family planning coverage by involving men in reproductive health endeavor to enhance the discussion and agreement about family planning usage.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1118-4841