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Relationship between Teacher Attributes and the Use of ICT Facilities in the Language Classrooms in Osun State, Nigeria

SO Labo-Popoola


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become a profound phenomenon arising from the compelling urge and strive towards digitalization. The application of ICT to learning generally and in the classroom in particular has turned out to be a powerful means of communication and teaching. This century has witnessed a great deal of technological advancement, which has helped many teachers, especially language teachers, in reaching out to their students. The importance of this technology has made many stakeholders in the educational sector to recommend that teachers be ICT compliant. Despite this call, much is needed to be put in place for the language teachers, especially in Nigeria, to be ICT compliant, and to derive and share the limitless benefits of ICT.

This study investigated the readiness of language teachers for the use of ICT facilities in preparing for lessons and delivering of same. Three variables of concern in the study were teacher qualification, teacher age and teaching experience. The study employed a survey design that obtained data from secondary school English Language teachers through a structured questionnaire. Data were collected from 100 English Language teachers from public secondary schools in the Osun Central zone of Osun State. Using frequency counts and simple percentages to analyze the data, the study answered three research questions. The research questions focused on: relationship between teacher qualification and use of ICT facilities in language classrooms; whether teachers with advanced age make use of ICT facilities; and the relationship between teaching experience and use of ICT facilities.

Higher educational qualification was found to positively influence the tendency to wish to use ICT facilities in the language classrooms. Teachers who were advanced in age and teaching experience were not enthusiastic in using the „new. technology in their classes. These teachers preferred the traditional method of teaching. It is therefore recommended that all language teachers in the state be exposed to beginners and continued ICT training. Schools should also be equipped with ICT facilities to encourage teachers in using the technology.

Keywords: Teacher attributes, ICT-compliant, language classrooms

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