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Isotope and geochemical characterization of surface and subsurface waters in the semi-arid Sokoto Basin, Nigeria

SMA Adelana
PI Olasehinde
P Vrbka


Stable isotopes and geochemical studies have been applied in the investigation of groundwater resources in Sokoto Basin, northwestern Nigeria. Generally, the characteristic hydrochemical classification in the study area is calcium-alkali-bicarbonate. Surface waters are characterized by alkali-calcium-bicarbonate while groundwater is of Ca-Mg-HCO3. The plot of δ18O versus δ2H shows that five isotopic groups can be distinguished. Group I-III is of groundwater origin while group IV and V represent surface water. A combination of the hydrochemical and isotope data (14C, 13C and 3H) reveals the Sokoto basin aquifers generally contains good quality groundwater of Holocene age (100 to 10,000 years BP).

Key Words: stable isotopes, geochemical characterization, groundwater, Sokoto Basin.

African Journal of Science and Technology Vol.4(2) 2003: 80-89

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eISSN: 1607-9949