Alternative control of nanoparticles dispersity in high-temperature flow reactors

  • M.L. Moropeng
  • A Kolesnikov
Keywords: Thermophoretic deposition, Coagulation, Nucleation, Modeling


The 1-dimentional model of aerosol process which includes a hot aerosol stream flowing through a tube with thermal gradients between the aerosol stream and the reactor cooled walls was developed to predict the aerosol formation, growth and thermophoretic deposition in high-temperature reactors. The mass and energy conservation equations were solved to determine the concentration and temperature profiles of the components. The model includes particle formation by nucleation, growth by coagulation, Brownian diffusion as well as the loss of aerosol particles by thermophoretic deposition on the cold reactor walls. The developed model results in the system of ordinary differential equations which were solved in SCILAB software.

Keywords: Thermophoretic deposition, Coagulation, Nucleation, Modeling


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eISSN: 1607-9949