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Effets de l’extrait au cyclohexane de bidens pilosa l. (asteraceae) sur la motricite intestinale de rat

D Thiophile
A Rakotonirina
R Kamgang
TR Tankwa
K Wanda
GJ Magloire


Effects of cyclohexane extract of Bidens pilosa L. on rat intestinal motility. – In vitro, we have studied the effects of the cyclohexane extract of Bidens pilosa leaves (B.p.) on the rat ileum smooth muscle motility. B.p. has showed dose-dependent stimulators effects on both tonicity and amplitude of the spontaneous contractions. With 160 ìg/mL of extract maximal stimulation was
obtained. With that dose, the rate of variation was 1027 %. Atropine reduced by 77 % the spasmogenic effects of B.p. and by 94 % the acetylcholine effects. In Ca2+ free solution, stimulation contraction by 160 ìg/mL of the extract was reduced to 400 %, while Nifedipine completely inhibited the spasmogenic effects of the extract. These results suggest that the cyclohexane extract of B.p. could stimulate ileal smooth muscle contractions through muscarinic receptors which increase Ca2+ mobilization from
both extra- and intracellular milieu.