Analysis of van der waal equation near the critical point

  • A.O Boyo
Keywords: Resistance, length, iron content, firing time, firing temperature, particle size


We report detailed thermodynamic properties of Na in molten Na-Cs alloys obtained by using the simple theoretical model of Heterocordination. This model has been utilized to determine the free energy of mixing, concentration fluctuations in the long wavelength limit Scc (0), the Warren Crowley short-range order parameter, heat of mixing, entropy of mixing and diffusion coefficient. From these thermodynamic quantities we find that Na-Cs exhibits strong deviation from ideality at all the composition, therefore, it is truly a demixing liquid alloy. This conclusion was justified by the plot of Scc (0), which showed that its values are far greater than the ideal values. Qualitative agreement between the calculated and the experimental quantities for most of the thermodynamics properties was also obtained for the liquid alloys. These liquid alloys further exhibit a high asymmetry in their thermodynamics properties such as the Gibbs free energy and its diffusion.

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eISSN: 1607-9949