A structured e-content development framework using a stratified objectives-driven methodology

  • E.I Omwenga
  • T.M Waema
  • G.P.C Eisendrath
  • A Libotton
Keywords: Objectives, objetives-driven, e-content structuring, deployment


The paper discusses a stratified objectives-driven e-content structuring and deployment framework which is an iterative and intuitive approach to content structuring and sequencing. The model has been developed from experiences and insights gained over a four-stage content development training process involving university lecturers in liberal arts, sciences and engineering subjects. The model supports a hierarchical approach in knowledge presentation starting from the most abstract to the most specific. It is a layered structure of entities whose naming conforms to content abstractions. In this paper, we argue that the concept of Objectives is an effective tool that enables logical content breaking-up and sequencing. We demonstrate that objectives help one to think critically on what to include under specific topics. The findings indicate that objectives play a central role in providing an effective content validation mechanism. Further, collaborative efforts among homogenous groups result in the most efficient approach on training in content development.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1607-9949