Improved Growth And Colchicine Concentration In Gloriosa Superba On Mycorrhizal Inoculation Supplemented With Phosphorus-Fertilizer

  • DK Pandey
  • T Malik
  • A Dey
  • J Singh
  • RM Banik
Keywords: Gloriosa superba, colchicine, Arbuscular mycorrhiza, Phosphorus fertilizer .


Background: Gloriosa superba produces an array of alkaloids including colchicine, a compound of interest in the treatment of various diseases. The tuber of Gloriosa superba is a rich source of colchicine which has shown anti-gout, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor activity. However, this promising compound remains expensive and Gloriosa superba is such a good source in global scale. Increase in yield of naturally occurring colchicine is an important area of investigation.
Materials and Methods: The effects of inoculation by four arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM), fungi, Glomus mossae, Glomus fasciculatum, Gigaspora margarita and Gigaspora gilmorei either alone or supplemented with P-fertilizer, on colchicine concentration in Gloriosa superba were studied. The concentration of colchicine was determined by high-performance thin layer chromatography.
Results: The four fungi significantly increased concentration of colchicine in the herb. Although there was significant increase in concentration of colchicine in non-mycorrhizal P-fertilized plants as compared to control, the extent of the increase was less compared to mycorrhizal plants grown with or without P-fertilization. This suggests that the increase in colchicine concentration may not be entirely attributed to enhanced P-nutrition and improved growth. Among the four AM fungi Glomus mossae was found to be best. The total colchicine content of plant (mg / plant) was significantly
high in plants inoculated with Glomus mossae and 25 mg kg-1phosphorus fertilizer (348.9 mg /plant) while the control contain least colchicine (177.87 mg / plant).
Conclusion: The study suggests a potential role of AM fungi in improving the concentration of colchicine in Gloriosa superba tuber.
Key words: Gloriosa superba , colchicine, Arbuscular mycorrhiza , Phosphorus fertilizer .

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eISSN: 0189-6016