Ethnomedicinal plants used against common digestive problems

  • M Adnan
  • R Bibi
  • A Azizullah
  • R Andaleeb
  • S Mussarat
  • A Tariq
  • R Ullah
  • NM Elsalam
  • AL Khan
  • S Begum
Keywords: Ethno-medicine, medicinal plants, gastrointestinal diseases, ecological status.


Background: Ethnomedicinal knowledge is highly significant for persistence of human health care. Different studies have shown that medicinal plants are considered as curing agent for digestive disorders in Pakistan. The aim of present review is to explore this ethnomedicinal information all over the Pakistan and to investigate the ecological status of these species in the country.
Methodology: Online literatures on ethnomedicinal plants used to treat digestive complaints in Pakistan were searched and gathered using online bibliographic databases including PubMed, Scopus, Google Scholar, Web of Science and Flora of Pakistan.
Results: The review documented 178 medicinal plant species, belonging to 59 families, used for different digestive ailments. The majority of species were herbs (60%), used in drug preparation. The most frequent part used in preparation of these remedies is leaves (23%), followed by roots (19%).
Conclusion: In conclusion, the study provides enormous ethno-medicinal knowledge and due to the unsustainable activities of the people of Pakistan, some medicinal plants need to be conserved for the future.

Key words: Ethno-medicine, medicinal plants, gastrointestinal diseases, ecological status.


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eISSN: 0189-6016