Optimal extraction parameters of Theabrownin from Sichuan Dark Tea

  • Yao Zou
  • Gui-nian Qi
  • Tian Xu
  • Shen-xiang Chen
  • Ting-ting Liu
  • Ya-fang Huang
Keywords: theabrownin, extraction, optimization, Sichuan Dark Tea


Background: Sichuan Dark Tea is a popular beverage with hypolipidemic and lifting greasy properties in the minority neighborhoods of Sichuan and Tibet regions. The theabrownin, an important pigment of dark tea, has been proven for the role of the hypolipidemic property in Sichuan Dark Tea. The objective of the study investigated the extraction process of theabrownin.

Materials and Methods: Theabrownin was extracted from Sichuan Dark Tea with water and organic solvents. The quadratic regression orthogonally rotational combinational design experiment was performed to obtain the optimal extraction parameters.

Results: The extraction yield of theabrownin was significantly influenced by both water extraction temperature and solid-liquid ratio, and the contribution of these factors on theabrownin yield was as follows: water temperature﹥solid-liquid ratio﹥organic solvent temperature. Moreover, the polynomial regression model established could predict the experimental value accurately.

Conclusion: The optimum extraction process of theabrownin from Sichuan Dark Tea was established, which water temperature at 65.69-77.88℃, organic solvent temperature at 13.65-17.48℃ and a solid liquid ratio of 1:43.58-1:50.75(g/mL).

Keywords: theabrownin; extraction; optimization; Sichuan Dark Tea

Abbreviations list: SDT: Sichuan Dark Tea; TB: Theabrownin


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eISSN: 0189-6016