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Two c-glycoside flavones from corn (Zea mays) silk

Shuncheng Ren


Background: Corn silk, a traditional Chinese herbal medicine in China, has been used to remedy nephritis, hepatitis, measles, hyperglycemia, tumor, etc. In this study, flavonoid monomers in corn silk were isolated and identified. This study could serve as a basis for determining the curative effects of these monomers on human diseases.

Method: Corn silk flavonoids were extracted using 80% (v/v) ethanol and isolated by repeated polyamide column and Toyopearl HW-40 column chromatography. Corn silk flavonoids were identified by UV spectroscopy, liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

Results: Two C-glycoside flavones, namely, ax-4″-OH-3′-methoxymaysin and a 3′-methoxymaysin isomer, were isolated from corn silk and identified.

Conclusion: The two C-glycoside flavones were successfully isolated from corn silk and identified. This study is the first to report 3′-methoxymaysin in corn silk.

Keywords: corn silk, C-glycoside flavone, monomer, isolation, identification

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