African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines

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Cardiovascular properties of aqueous extract from Tapinanthus dodoneifolius DC Danser

Sylvin Ouédraogoa, Aristide Traoré, N Somé, M Lompo, Pierre I Guissoua, Christa Schott, Bernard Bucher, Ramaroson Andriantsitohaina


Aqueous extracts of Tapinanthus dodoneifolius DC Danser. (Loranthaceae) (AETD) were investigated for cardiovascular activities on isolated rat aorta and heart. AETD did not affect heart rate but significantly enhanced heart contraction force and relaxation capacity. AETD (0.001-1mg/ml) elicited a dose-dependent relaxation on arteries which was previously contracted with phenylephrine [10-6M] (rat aorta). AETD induces relaxation in endothelium dependent manner. When Indomethacin failed to inhibit AETD vasodilatory activity, in the presence of L-NAME, the vasodilatory activity of AETD was completely abolished. These results suggest a cardiotropic activity without any tachycardia as a side effect for AETD. However, AETD elicited vasodilatory activity which involved NO from endothelium.

Key words : Tapinanthus dodoneifolius, endothelium , vasodilator , rat.

Afr. J. Trad. Comp. Alt. Med. , 2005, 2 (1): 25-30

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