African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines

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Anti-Inflammatory And Anti-Nociceptive Activities Of Methanolic Extract Of The Leaves Of Fraxinus floribunda Wallich

S Lingadurai, LK Nath, PK Kar, SE Besra, RV Joseph


Fraxinus floribunda Wallich (Family-Oleaceae) is a wide green tree in the sub-alpine region of Sikkim, India. The methanolic extract of the leaves of Fraxinus floribunda (MEFF) at 100, 200 and 400mg/kg/p.o was screened in rats for anti-inflammatory activity by acute-carrageenan induced paw edema, sub-acute cotton pellet induced granuloma and chronic Freund\'s adjuvant induced arthritis models. In all the three models of antiinflammatory studies 200 and 400mg/kg/p.o doses of the extract showed significant effect (P<0.001). Antinociceptive evaluation was performed by writhing and tail-immersion tests in mice. Anti-nociceptive evaluation revealed that MEFF at the dose of 400mg/kg/p.o had significant activity against the control. The relieving effect was through the peripheral and central mechanism of action of the extract. This study rationalized the ethno medicinal
use of the plant for relieving pain in inflammatory pathological conditions like fracture and dislocation.

Keywords: Fraxinus floribunda, Carrageenan, Cotton pellet, Freund\'s adjuvant, Writhing test, Tail immersion test.

African Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Vol. 4 (4) 2007: pp. 411-416

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