Phytochemical, Analgesic And Anti-Inflammatory Effects Of The Ethylacetate Extract Of The Leaves Of Pseudocedrella kotschyii

  • YM Musa
  • AK Haruna
  • M Ilyas
  • AH Yaro
  • AA Ahmadu
  • H Usman
Keywords: Acetic acid-induced writhing, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Meliaceae, Oedema, Phytochemistry, <i>Pseudocedrella kotschyii</i>


Phytochemical screening was carried out on the ethylacetate portion of the ethanolic extract of the leaves of Pseudocedrella kotschyii and then evaluated for its analgesic (acetic acid-induced writhing) and anti-inflammatory (raw egg albumin-induced oedema) activities in mice and rats respectively. Phytochemical screening of the ethylacetate partition portion of ethanolic extract revealed the presence of flavonoids, glycosides and tannins as major chemical constituents. Alkaloids saponins, cardiac glycosides, steroids were not dictated in the extract. The ethylacetate extract (50 and 100 mg/kg i.p) exhibited significant activity (p<0.05) against acetic acid-induced writhing in a dose dependent manner. In the anti-inflammatory activity the ethylacetate extract (50 and 100 mg/kg i.p.) caused a slight effect against the raw egg albumin-induced oedema. The effect was however observed not to be dose dependent. All these effects were compared with standard drug piroxicam (20 mg/kg i.p.).

Keywords: Acetic acid-induced writhing; Analgesic; Anti-inflammatory; Meliaceae; Oedema; Phytochemistry; Pseudocedrella kotschyii.

African Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Vol. 5 (1) 2008: pp. 92-96

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eISSN: 0189-6016