Biodiversity and Importance of Floating Weeds of Dara Ismail, Khan District Of Kpk, Pakistan

  • SK Marwat
  • MA Khan
  • F Rehman
  • M Ahmad
  • M Zafar
Keywords: Biodiversity, Floating aquatic weeds, Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan.


The present paper is based on the results of taxonomic research work conducted in Dera Ismail Khan District of KPK, Pakistan, during 2005 - 2007. The area was extensively surveyed in order to collect floating aquatic weeds. From the study area 11 floating aquatic weed species belonging to 9 genera and 9 families were collected and identified in the light of available literature. These plants include Bryophytes: 1 species, Ricciocarpus natans (L.) Corda; Pteridophytes: 2 species, Azolla pinnata R.Br. and Marselia quadrifolia L., and Spermatophytes: 8 species, Lemna aequinoctialis Welw., L. gibba L., Marselia quadrifoliata L. Nelumbo nucifera Gaerth., Nymphoides cristata (Roxb.) O. Ketze. Nymphoides indica (L.) Kuntze:, Pistia stratiotes L. Potamogeton nodosus Poiret and Spirodela polyrrhiza (L.) Schleid. Floating weeds on one hand cause serious problems and on the other hand they are used for various purposes. Data inventory consists of botanical name, family, major group, habit and habitat, flowering period, availability, distribution in D.I.Khan, Pakistan and world, beneficial and harmful effects. Key to the floating aquatic species of the area was developed for easy and correct  identification and differentiation.

Key words: Biodiversity, Floating aquatic weeds, Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan.

doi: 10.4314/ajtcam.v8i5S.17

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eISSN: 0189-6016