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Antioxidative potential of Duranta repens (linn.) fruits against H2O2 induced cell death in vitro

A Khan, MM Rahman, M Tania, NF Shoshee, A-H Xu, H-C Chen


The effects of Duranta repens fruits were investigated on H2O2 induced oxidative cell death to evaluate its antioxidative potential in vitro. HEK293T cells were treated with different concentrations [0-1000 ìg/ ml] of ethanol extract (E-Ex) and methanol extract (M-Ex) of D. repens for 24h, and then treated with 100 ìM H2O2 for 24h. Cell viability, antioxidant parameters of cells, and antioxidant constituents of the extracts were determined. Treatment with limited dose of E-Ex or M-Ex increased the survival rate of H2O2–treated HEK293T cells, however the extra-high dose showed growth
inhibitory effect. Treatment with E-Ex or M-Ex protected cellular lipid per-oxidation. In vitro analyses showed the 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl and H2O2 scavenging activities as well as reducing potential of the extracts. We report here that the limited dose of E-Ex and M-Ex possess antioxidative potential, which can protect H2O2-induced oxidative cell

Key words: Duranta repens (Linn.), Oxidative cell death, Lipid per-oxidation, Antioxidant, Phytochemicals

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