A study on the extraction and purification process of lily polysaccharide and its anti-tumor effect

  • H Han
  • H Xie
Keywords: lily polysaccharide, orthogonal experiment, anti-tumor


The objective of this paper was to extract and purify lily polysaccharide and to study its anti-H22 hepatoma effect in mice. Orthogonal experimental method was used to analyze the factors influencing the extraction and purification of lily polysaccharide, and the anti-tumor effect of lily polysaccharide was studied by acting it on H22-bearing mice. The results showed that the size of influence of various factors on the extraction results of lily polysaccharide were extraction time, extraction times and extraction temperature in decreasing order. Lily polysaccharide can enhance the immune function of H22 tumor-bearing mice, and inhibit the growth of H22 tumor. The study concluded that the optimal conditions for the extraction and purification of lily polysaccharide should be extraction times of 3 times, an extraction time of 4 h each, and an
extraction temperature of 60Ž; lily polysaccharide has an anti-tumor effect.

Keywords: lily polysaccharide; orthogonal experiment; anti-tumor


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eISSN: 0189-6016