The marketing of Imbrasia edible caterpillars in the Republic of the Congo

  • Germain Mabossy-Mobouna
  • Justin B. Ombeni
  • François Malaisse


After highlighting the importance of marketing Imbrasia caterpillars in Africa and even in Europe (Paris and Brussels) and Asia (Bangkok), various aspects of their marketing in the Republic of the Congo are developed. The objective of this study was to assess the value chain of caterpillars in the Republic of the Congo. To achieve this, three cross-sectional caterpillar marketing surveys and field missions were conducted. The results show that caterpillar marketing is mainly a women's activity. This trade is more beneficial for wholesalers than for retailers and enables wholesalers and semi-wholesalers to meet their vital needs. Thus, this activity contributes significantly to improving the living conditions of wholesalers and semi-wholesalers. However, it fluctuates according to demand and availability, making revenues unstable throughout the year. Imbrasia caterpillars sold in the Republic of the Congo are largely imported from Equateur Province and South Ubangi in the D.R. Congo; the quantity from Likouala and Sangha is very small. This indicates the existence of a cross-border trade in caterpillars between the Republic of the Congo and the D.R. Congo. However, this trade could not be evaluated because it is still illegal and no statistical data exist at the level of cross-border markets and ports of embarkation.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2791-0113