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Unusual unilateral multiple muscular variations of back of thigh

KK Chakravarthi


During routine cadaveric dissection for the undergraduate students in the Department of Anatomy, we noted multiple muscular variations in a middle‑aged male cadaver. All the variations were seen at the back of thigh (flexor compartment) of right lower limb. An anomalous muscle of 17 cm length with average width of 1.5 cm. was inserted to the semitendinosus, a third head of biceps femoris of 6.5 cm length with an average width of 3.5 cm was inserted to the semitendinosus and ununited short and long heads of biceps femoris, both heads were inserted to the head of fibula. To the best of our knowledge, such muscular variations have not been reported in the recent medical literature. A comprehensive knowledge of such rare anatomical variations will be important for surgeons and Traumatologists as this might cause compression of the sciatic nerve.

Keywords: Biceps femoris, Sciatic nerve, Semitendinosus

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print ISSN: 2141-9248