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Typhoid intestinal perforation: 24 perforations in one patient

AK Sharma
RK Sharma
SK Sharma
A Sharma
D Soni


Intestine perforation is one of the most dreaded and common complication of typhoid fever remarkably so in developing world; it usually leads to diffuse peritonitis, requiring early surgical intervention. Despite various measures such as safe drinking water supply and safe disposal of waste, intestinal perforation from salmonellosis remains the most common emergency surgery performed. The incidence continues to rise, so also the mortality, despite new antibiotics and improvement in surgical technique. More disturbing is that we now see increasing number of ileal perforations and colonic involvement. We hereby present a case report of 35‑year‑old male with multiple (24) intestinal perforation in the Ileum and Cecum.

Keywords: Asia, Multiple ileal perforations, Salmonellosis